Our Process

Here’s what to expect when you work with Country Cabinets.

1. Owner Andy Schukis will meet with you to talk about ideas for design, such as wood type, stain, finish, paint grade and hardware options. If you’ve got some strong preferences, great! But don’t worry if you’re not entirely sure what you want. We can help you choose. Also, this is when we take thorough measurements of the space we have to work with.

2. You’ll get a quote from us with details about the project. Andy uses his experience to plan the most user friendly and usable space possible. Our past customers say they prefer our quote format – easy to read and easy to understand. If you have questions about anything, Andy will walk you through it. We can send your quote by mail or email, depending on your preference.

3. Once you choose to work with Country Cabinets, Andy will schedule a meeting with you to review all the details. He’ll go over drawings with you and discuss stain colors, door type and wood finish. Had a change of heart since the first meeting? That’s fine – you’ll be able to make changes at this time.

4. You’ll review the drawings one more time and make your first payment of one-half the project cost. Then, we’ll decide on a mutually agreeable schedule for installation.

5. Andy constructs your cabinets in his Halsey shop. He completes himself or closely oversees the entire construction process to ensure top-quality results.

6. On the agreed-upon date, Andy will professionally install the completed cabinets at your home or business, adhering to the design.

7. You’ll be asked to examine and approve the installation, and your final payment is due.

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